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Serving the Mid-City area for over 35 years, Natraliart is one of the oldest Jamaican restaurants in LA—and also one of the very best. The menu is stacked with oxtails, saltfish, and curry shrimp, but for us, the jerk chicken will always be the star of the show. Unlike many other spots, Natraliart doesn’t lean on a heavy marinade or sauce to carry the dish, it’s the chicken itself that does the talking here. Tender, perfectly cooked meat with a smoky-spice flavor that’ll stay on your lips for hours, the jerk chicken at Natraliart should be on everyone’s priority list.

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  • The north is roughly bordered by Olympic Boulevard, and the Santa Monica Freeway is on the south.
  • During the summer, there is free outdoor Jazz in the courtyard on Friday evenings at 6 PM which I highly recommend.
  • Just like bumper-to-bumper traffic, LA’s dining scene is back in full force.
  • Or keep things casual with $1 oysters at ETA or Mexican-style oyster shooters at Mariscos El Faro.
  • The cocktail menu is gin- and sherry-driven, with a trio of specialty sangrias on order.
  • After wowing Chinatown diners with his all-day cafe Angry Egret Dinette, chef Wes Avila is tackling the ancient flavors of the Yucatan peninsula and pairing them with market-sourced ingredients at this uniquely LA concept that’s adjacent to the tommie Hollywood hotel.

Crestview go-to, appreciated for offering excellent quality and great value. Windsor Hills go-to, appreciated for offering excellent quality and great value. Mid-City go-to, appreciated for offering excellent quality and great value. Located on the eastern edge of Mid-City, La Flor de Yucatan is one of L.A.’s most unique Mexican bakeries, cooking up authentic cuisine from the Yucatan peninsula since the late 60’s.

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Parking can be such a fiasco that I actually recommend avoiding these free days unless you’re really on a budget and you and your date don’t mind walking a lot. Mariscos trucks are not uncommon around LA; many of them are quite good. But there may be no mariscos truck—and few food trucks in general—operating on the level of Mariscos Chingones Simón, the new truck that parks at the Sunset Junction triangle most afternoons. It is painted a predictable ocean blue with a fish skeleton logo, but a quick perusal of the menu will reveal that cousins Alexis Chacon and Francisco Aguilar are doing unique things with sea creatures. There is, for example, Pescado Al Pastor, a slab of fish spiced like al pastor and served with charred pineapple; it hits exactly the right balance of the familiar flavors of adobo and acid with the novelty and lightness of flaky fish. There is also a riff on the Taco Gobernador enveloped in a tube of crispy fried cheese, octopus cooked like barbacoa, aguachile infused with the Oaxacan smoked chile paste chintextle, and they’re just getting started.

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Renters occupied 68.9% of the housing units, and home- or lunenburg restaurants open apartment owners the rest. The 2000 U.S. census counted 52,197 residents in the 3.47-square-mile neighborhood—an average of 15,051 people per square mile, among the highest population densities in Los Angeles County. In 2008, the city estimated that the population had increased to 55,016. The median age for residents was 31, about average for both the city and the county.

Los Angeles is home to the largest Armenian population in the US, and food from across the Armenian diaspora is woven into the city’s restaurant landscape. There are also manaish, which crackle with fresh za’atar, and the hearty stuffed turnovers called borek, and from other specialists there are yogurt and tomato-coated mante dumplings, the green herb-stuffed wraps called zhengyalov hatz, and so much more. So many things to choose from in the bakery, and they’re all delicious! They’ll even let you sample a little if you’re having trouble deciding.

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In 2021, MCM aims to build partnerships with organizations within the Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area communities to expand food security efforts for community members with a focus on improving our food quality. We strive for an annual impact of at least 16,000 healthy food items distributed directly to the community or to partnership organizations focusing on increasing food and housing security for community members. Additionally, we plan to lean further into our education pillar by providing education and resource offerings on food equity, community resources, and mobilization to elevate compassion, understanding and awareness. Within 2020, we distributed over 12,800 healthy food items and various care packages across six distributions across the Greater LA and San Francisco Bay areas in partnership with Elle Inspired Events, Chris Evans Catering and Richmond College Preparatory Schools. All Season Brewing CompanyLocated in a former Firestone repair shop, the All Season Brewing Company on La Brea has a festive outdoor “Octoberfest” vibe that I love. This is a great informal place to grab a beer before or after your main event.

Their primary focus is on beef soup, which you can get with noodles served in any of a handful of shapes from thin to thick, and from wide and flat to the triangular twisted noodles they call prisma. Those prisma are particularly fun, sturdy things with rough broth-grabbing edges and just the right amount of chew. The Chef’s Special Spicy Beef Noodle Soup is delicious and legitimately spicy, lighting up the rich base broth with pungent chiles and herbs. They also make a particularly good rendition of the Shaanxi specialty Biang Biang Noodles, with noodles that are a little lighter and bouncier than other versions around town, and come dressed with an excellent garlic-intensive chili oil topping.

You know Top Round as « that place on Wilshire you always drive by. » From the outside, it’s a kitschy ’50s-style roast beef stand that looks as if it’s been untouched since Truman was president. We love how unabashedly average their roast beef sandwiches are , and the way their frozen custard always seems to hit the spot. You order at the window, then find a seat at one of the large red tables where the paint’s peeling off. LA has no shortage of traditional taco spots, but Sky’s is not one of them.